Olaudah Equinano Facts

Olaudah Equinano Facts – His Life Undertakings 

Olaudah Equiano became popular for his works, one of which is the autobiography he came up with which is meant to depict his life experience as a slave. He served as a testimony, one of them actually, in the abolition movement.

Equiano was born in the year 1745. It happened in what now called and known as Nigeria. He worked on an autobiography for the purpose of recounting him being kidnapped all the way from Africa being a young child. According to him, after the captive, he was turned into a slave. This was the reason why he advocated on freedom. Back then, he played a vital role in the abolition movement. He was considered to originate the narrative for slaves. It is inevitable not to stumble upon this on various Olaudah Equinao facts written all over. He then died on March 3, 1917, just when he was in London.

Many would agree that the life of Olaudah is nothing but extraordinary. This African writer was brave enough to share his experiences which involved the British. This occurred despite being born to the province of Eboe, just in the area dubbed to be the southern Nigeria. The kidnapping, as mentioned above, occurred and it also involved her sister who was just 11 during that time.

Since there were no written records, it was not sure as to whether the description of Equiano’s life is precise and accurate enough. There are doubts until now. It was even said that later, his birthplace was different. These are yet to be proven though.

Even if there are still uncertainty concerning the early years of his life, everything that was described by Equaino happened to be really one of a kind. He was sold to Virginia for a Royal Navy officer whose name was Lieutenant Michael Pascal. He was given a new name in the form of Gustavus Vassa. This happened just after the 16th century. He travelled and crossed oceans together with Pascal. This occurred for almost eight years. This was the reason why he was suddenly baptized and he got to learn how to read and write just after.

Selling did not stop just then. Equiano was again bargained to a captain of a ship in London. This was the time when he was taken and brought to Monsterrat. Robert King, a famous merchant, took possession of him. He worked as a deckhand, a barber and valet for King. This was the main reason why he was able to earn money. This transpired because there was trading going on on the side. Just in three years, Equiano was able to have money. This led him to availing his own freedom. Equiano event spent most of his 20 years in travelling all the whole world.

It was in the year 1786 when he part-take on the movement for slavery abolishment. He even rose to fame for being a member the group the Sons of Africa. This was made of black men who advocated abolition of slavery.